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Jun 19

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Jun 7

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May 27

A summary of all the X-Men movies

  • Erik: Old friend
  • Charles: Old friend
  • Erik: Old friend
  • Charles: Old friend
  • Erik: Old friend
  • Charles: Old friend
  • Erik: Old friend
  • Charles: Old friend
  • Erik: Old friend
  • Charles: Old friend
  • Erik: o L D F RI E N D
  • Charles: O L D F R I E N D


I want to talk about David Alleyne for a minute. I want to talk about bisexuality. I want to talk about how I lived 21 fucking years on this planet, 21 years consuming massive amounts of media, movies, tv shows, comics, and I had never until this moment seen a character say “I’m bisexual”. I want to talk about being 13 years old and knowing that gay people existed but thinking I was sick and broken because I couldn’t ‘choose between being gay or straight’.

"It was like realizing something that was always true and I just couldn’t see it until now."

I want to talk about how ashamed I feel for mocking my friend’s bisexuality in high school and forcing them back into the closet, all the while thinking ‘I fixed myself so why can’t you?’, never knowing how much I was hurting myself an others. I want to talk about the bone deep fear I feel around people I don’t know if I can trust. I want to talk about how it is absolutely no different from the fears gay men and lesbian women have. It’s the same racing thoughts, the same paranoid worries, is this person safe? Can I trust them? Can they tell? Is there something about me that will tip them off? Did I let something slip that I shouldn’t have? 

I want to talk about how hard I cried after reading this issue of Young Avengers. Because I’d never seen anyone, fictional or real, be allowed to identify themselves as bisexual without question or ridicule from their peers. No doubt, I’ve seen characters that are attracted to multiple different genders, but they are never ever allowed the agency to tell the world who they are on their own terms. It’s always other people who get to decide what they are. They’re too gay for one partner, or too straight for another, but they are never proudly, defiantly, lovingly allowed to be bisexual. David is a revolutionary character, for so many reasons, and I can’t speak to what he means as a bisexual man of color, but I want to talk about how David Alleyne changed my life.

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May 15

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Mar 24
St Paul’s in spring (at St Paul’s Cathedral)

St Paul’s in spring (at St Paul’s Cathedral)

Mar 10
“And so Silicon Roundabout has metastasised into Tech City, possibly because everyone feels a bit silly saying Silicon Roundabout. New name, same basic idea, but with misguided government glitz. Tech City is very big on “incubators” – places where startups are supposed to grow out of a collection of adjacent desks in a huge barracks of other adjacent desks – and on luring big firms to the East End of London. It’s a lot less interested in small, weird companies in small, cheap offices, plumbing the unplumbably weird problem space of late 21st-century capitalism.” The slow death of Silicon Roundabout (via iamdanw)

Mar 8

Latest interviews, and upcoming speaking schedule

Latest interviews, and upcoming speaking schedule

Just a quick note to comment that I’ve added links to two recent interviews on the media section of my About page:

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Mar 6


In late 2011, I was contacted by a very charming, smart and persuasive French gentleman who spoke of clouds, platform-as-a-service, and polyglot programming. It took him and his team a couple of months to get me thinking seriously about a career change, after 10 great years at IBM. I’d spent that period with “Big Blue” coding in Java and C, and primarily focused on enterprise application servers,…

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